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Coaching Through Life Transitions

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Transitions are a part of all our lives, but they bring many challenges and questions: “Am I still valuable? What is my role? What are my choices? Where do I belong?” Whether it’s marriage, divorce, career change, or retirement, coaches can play a key role in helping [...]

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Connecting Christian Coaches Worldwide

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Connection, we all long for it and yet it can be hard to find. So, we have good news for you today. In this special episode, we not only inform and inspire you to make deeper connections with other Christian coaches, but we also give you a [...]

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The African Christian Coaching Movement

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download The Christian Coaching movement is growing all over the globe, and in today’s episode, we get to hear first-hand accounts of what God is doing in the continent of Africa. Brian and Debi Zaas, Co-Directors of Navigators Life and Leadership Coaching, Bora Francois from Rwanda, and Levi [...]

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Lead Like it Matters to God

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download In a success-driven world focused on outcomes and results, coaching helps clients live and lead in a different way. In a new book, Lead Like it Matters to God, Richard Stearns, Former President of World Vision offers a roadmap and guide for those who want to live [...]

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Coaching Mastery with Brent O’Bannon, MCC

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Imagine a coaching session when absolutely nothing is wasted, where every word and every moment builds on the next. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hear a coach responding to the entirety of the client, the entire time? That’s just a few of the golden nuggets [...]

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Do What Matters with Teresa McCloy

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download We all want to do what matters. To go beyond productivity to investing in the people and things that matter most. But that’s much easier said than done. In this episode, author and coach Teresa McCloy transparently shares her personal story of how God helped her move [...]

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How I Became a Coach with Scott Frickenstein, PCC

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Whether you are new to the coaching field or a seasoned professional, you’ll glean great wisdom from this interview with Coach Scott Frickenstein. Drawing from his background as a senior military officer and academic department chair, Scott shares key insights he’s gained on his journey to becoming [...]

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Core Values In Action: A Case Presentation

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Values undergird everything we do as coaches. But like many broad themes, the temptation is to talk about values in a theoretical or philosophical way without understanding how they play out in everyday life. In today’s podcast, Chris McCluskey is going to use the Professional Christian Coaching [...]

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Encore Episode: The Power of Choice with Tom Ziglar

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download If you want to transform lives through sharing hope, skills, and encouragement, so you and others can move from success to significance to legacy, then tune in to hear from Tom Ziglar, a world-class leader and motivator. Today, meet a Legacy Coach who: Knows the truth of [...]

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Encore Episode: A Fully-Sustainable Coaching Practice (In 365 Days!) with Dr. Andy Wood

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Sound pretentious? It’s not an oversell. It’s valid. One year after becoming an “adjunctpreneur” one man sought to replace his regular income with coaching income in 365 days. It didn’t happen by dabbling about or attempting osmosis. Tune in to hear about Andy Wood’s personal journey and [...]

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