One of the most common complaints we hear from those who’ve trained at other schools is that they’ve learned their hours don’t count toward ICF coaching credentials. For many this has meant tens-of-thousands of dollars in tuition costs without the ability to pursue the most reputable credentials in coaching!

At PCCI you can secure our own credential of excellence — the Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) or the Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC)while simultaneously completing the training hours needed for ICF credentials through our accredited ICF Level 1 Certificate Program and ICF Level 2 Certificate Program.

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Path to Professional Coaching

Compare the options for the various paths to professional coaching offered at Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

Credential Path

*The Essentials of Life Coaching OR The Essentials of Leadership Coaching.
**All 1:1 mentor coaching must be completed with a PCCI-approved faculty mentor.

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CPLC Certification

Learn more about our CPLC and the pathway to becoming a distinguished Christian coach.

ICF Level 1

ICF Level 1 Program

Learn more about our ICF Level 1 Certificate Program and the pathway to earning your ACC.

ICF Level 2

ICF Level 2 Program

Learn more about our ICF Level 2 Certificate Program and the pathway to earning your PCC.

Earn Your ICF Credential

We’ve done our best to lay out exactly what it takes to earn your ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials in a clear and concise manner.

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