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Encore Episode: A Fully-Sustainable Coaching Practice (In 365 Days!) with Dr. Andy Wood

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Sound pretentious? It’s not an oversell. It’s valid. One year after becoming an “adjunctpreneur” one man sought to replace his regular income with coaching income in 365 days. It didn’t happen by dabbling about or attempting osmosis. Tune in to hear about Andy Wood’s personal journey and [...]

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Encore Episode: Living the Coaching Lifestyle

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Living the coaching lifestyle affords you the freedom, flexibility, and ability to live the life you want to live. Today, we’ve got 4 seasoned professionals who are eager to share the ins and outs of living out your dream while you build a portable business and serve [...]

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Opening the Mailbox #20

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download This week we are opening the mailbox to answer these great questions. How is coaching different than discipling? When writing copy for your website, what’s the most effective way to describe yourself on the “About Me” page? What are some quick and easy ways to create a [...]

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Keys to Keeping Your Brain Healthy with Dr. Charles Stone

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download What happens to our brains as we age? The facts are sobering. And while Scripture assures us that we can grow in wisdom as we advance in years, there are also pitfalls to avoid. Tune in today to learn the latest neuroscience findings on brain health and [...]

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Professional Christian Coaching: Right People. Right Places. Right Time.

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download We are living in uncertain times and walking through uncharted territory. Old solutions no longer fit, and our surefire strategies are failing. In times like these, coaching is needed more than ever before. Coaches are willing to sit with their clients as they ask the big questions. [...]

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Coaching Mastery with Todd Kemp, MCC

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” during a truly masterful coaching session. For the first time ever, we have secured permission (from both coach and client) to share with you the recording of an actual coaching session that was recently approved [...]

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Increasing Your EQ with Kelli Porcaro

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Our world is experiencing massive change, and with that change the need for emotionally intelligent coaches and leaders continues to grow. Based on a poignant example, Kelli Porcaro helps us unpack what emotional intelligence really is, why it is so important, and gives us three simple practices [...]

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Coaching Couples to be a Winning Team

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download A great marriage involves teamwork, and a great marriage coach helps couples become a winning team. Tune in today to learn how to work with couples on assessing their current relationship, identifying and acquiring important communication skills, and creating a compelling vision for the road ahead. Learn [...]

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Becoming an Internal Coach

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Internal coaching is growing, and it’s helping companies and ministries build strong leaders and loyal employees. Research shows that coaching increases workplace engagement, improves performance, retains talent and so much more. In today’s episode, Emily Eichstadt, PCC shares how she became an internal coach and some key [...]

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Strengths-Based Leadership and Teamwork

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Imagine how excited your clients would be if you helped them add an extra eight hours of productivity to each month. What if your clients also experienced a greater quality of life and exponentially improved their employee’s engagement? These are the kinds of proven results people get [...]

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