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Join us as we delve into the captivating intersection of coaching and artificial intelligence (AI). As technology evolves at a rapid pace, grasping AI’s significance becomes increasingly vital for Christians and Christian coaches alike.

In this episode, we’ll trace the origins of AI, discuss its limitations, and unveil exciting opportunities for leveraging AI in your coaching practice. From enhancing research capabilities to augmenting brainstorming sessions and aiding marketing efforts, discover how AI can empower and elevate your coaching journey.

About Michael Pfau

Michael Pfau is the Founder and President of Crossways Life Coaching, LLC. Michael has 25-years working in corporate I.T. departments of several Fortune 500 companies and over 21-year’s experience as a coach giving him a unique blend to understand and apply technology into the field of coaching. Along with his own coaching practice, Michael serves as an instructor for the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

Learn more about Michael, receive your free AI prompts, and explore his upcoming class, Using Artificial Intelligence In Your Coaching Practice, at

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