Several of our PCCI faculty members offer a bundled package of mentor coaching services for anyone wishing to become credentialed as a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) or Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC), or for those wishing to pursue ICF credentialing as an Associate or Professional Certified Coach (ACC or PCC).

This Mentor Coaching Package includes:

  • Five (5) one-hour long individual mentor coaching sessions by phone with a faculty member who is certified at either the PCC or MCC level, focusing on your coaching skills and staffing cases from your private client caseload.
  • Immediate feedback on your strengths and areas for continued improvement.
  • A letter of recommendation you can use to apply for the CPLC designation.
  • The fee for this package is $750 for PCC credentialed mentors, and $1,000 for MCC credentialed mentors.

NOTE: This is not officially a PCCI service, as PCCI does not take any portion of the fee – it is paid directly to your coach through a private contract between the two of you. We post it here because we’re proud that many on our faculty offered to provide this package at a discounted rate from their normal fees to aid you in completing certification requirements.

Also note that you are NOT required to use any of PCCI’s faculty members as your mentor coach for our certification. This is only a discounted service option, made available to our students. You are free to contract a mentor coach of your own choosing, as long as they are ICF-certified at the PCC or MCC level.

We require a minimum of 5 clock hours of individual mentor coaching for our CPLC credential. Please be aware that the ICF currently requires 10 hours of mentor coaching for their credentials. Please note: group mentor coaching hours will not satisfy the CPLC requirement.

Bryan Brown
Bryan BrownMDiv, PCC

Vicki Corrington
Vicki CorringtonMEd, CPCC, PCC

Steve Cromer
Steve CromerPCC

Anne Denmark
Anne DenmarkMEd, PCC

Sackeena G-Jones
Sackeena G-JonesPCC

Andrew Gorter
Andrew GorterDMin, PCC

Linda Hedberg
Linda HedbergCPCC, PCC

Charles Hooper
Charles HooperMDiv, PCC

Todd Kemp
Todd KempPCC

Michael J. Marx
Michael J. MarxMBA, EdD, PCC

Brent O'Bannon
Brent O'BannonPCC

Michael Pfau
Michael PfauMEd, PCC, CPCC

Cheryl Scanlan
Cheryl ScanlanMCC

Gary Wood

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