If Jesus Gave a TED Talk

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download When you speak, teach, or present in front of a group, you want your points to stick. Lessons to be learned. Listeners to be truly engaged and eager to take their next step. But this is easier said than done. Tune in as today’s guest, Charles Stone, [...]

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The Catholic Coaching Movement with Lisa Mladinich

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Coaching is gaining a foothold in the Catholic church. Once the distinction of professional grade coaching was recognized and the idea of coaching being sort of new-agey was laid to rest, the desire for coaching and the need for professionally trained coaches has grown. Today we are [...]

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Crucible Leadership with Warwick Fairfax

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Sometimes as a leader, instead of soaring high, we crash and burn, and face the question, “How can I ever recover from this?” Our special guest today, Warwick Fairfax, has walked through that fire and has recovered. Join us today to see how God can turn ashes [...]

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Creating a Coaching Culture in an Organization – IRS

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download You know that coaching has gone mainstream; but did you know that it's part of the team culture at the IRS? Today, we have a front-row seat in exploring this decade-long, and growing, movement within the IRS. Our guest, Carolon Donnally, leads the coaching and change movement [...]

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Money Mindsets and the Christian Coach

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download “What should I charge?” “I feel so awkward quoting my fees,” “Is it right for this to be a business or should it be a ministry instead?” Christian coaches often struggle knowing what to charge and making a profit while still maintaining a servant’s heart. Money mindsets [...]

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Coaching for Abundance, Impact & Freedom

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Are you ready to help your clients move their ideas and dreams into reality? Cultivate a life of abundance, impact, and freedom? Tune in as coach and author, Andy Wood shares practical ways to help your clients take ownership of their futures and fulfill their most cherished [...]

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The Diversified Coach with Michael McGreevy

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Are you a multi-passionate coach? An entrepreneur who wants to define yourself by just one role? Today, our guest, Coach Michael McGreevy, will share how he has merged multiple paths, from construction to real estate to leadership coaching, into a portfolio career that supports a lifestyle he [...]

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New ICF Core Competency #7: Evokes Awareness

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Today, we are unpacking ICF Competency #7: Evokes Awareness. When we show up in coach mode, our primary purpose is to enable a client to draw forth things that are already in them, evoking awareness of the things God has already placed within them. Each part of [...]

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Celebrating our Differences with Cindy Schmelzenbach

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Warning: after you press "play," you'll be transformed. Tune in to hear what is perhaps the most powerful presentation we've ever shared with you, here on Professional Christian Coaching Today. It. Is. Simply. Powerful. Transformational may be an understatement, but it's one of the best words we [...]

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Encore Episode: The Power of Words

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Neuroscience is teaching us that words hold tremendous power to either ignite positive growth or slow our forward movement. As coaches, we want to pay attention to the words that our clients use and to thoughtfully choose our own words as we summarize, reflect, reframe, and ask curious questions. [...]

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