What is the ICF Level 2 Certificate?

The ICF Level 2 Certificate is a streamlined path for participants pursuing the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Level 2 programs must include:

  • At least 125 Coach Education Hours (our program has 128 hours minimum)
  • 10 Mentor Coaching Hours (up to 7 hours can be group mentoring hours)
  • Performance Evaluation
ICF Level 2

PCCI’s Level 2 Program

Professional Christian Coaching Institute is accredited by the ICF as a Level 2 Certificate program provider. This means that you can fulfill ALL the requirements to earn your ICF Level 2 Certificate through PCCI’s top-tiered coach training program.

Requirements to earn the Level 2 Certificate through PCCI:

Upon completion of these requirements, PCCI will award you the ICF Level 2 Certificate.

ICF Level 2 Certificate Path

Earning Your PCC Credential

Upon earning the ICF Level 2 Certificate from PCCI, and accruing at least 500 hours of client coaching experience, you will be eligible to apply for your PCC Credential via the ICF’s Level 2 path.

In the application process you will submit your Level 2 program certificate and client coaching experience hours. Once the application review process is complete, you will then take the ICF Credentialing Exam, which is administered by ICF Global.

ICF PCC Credential Path

NOTE: The information here serves only as an overview and guide to the ICF credentialing process. For more information regarding ICF’s credentialing requirements visit their website at coachfederation.org.

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