The Future of Coaching: A Coach’s Perspective

When I think about the future of coaching, I envision a world where coaching techniques are widely used in a variety of circumstances and professions. From school classrooms to executive boardrooms, I see powerful questions, effective communication, listening well, and other coaching competencies being used to move people forward. But for that to happen, pure [...]

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The Joy of Being a Portable Coach

I drove to work early on a mild, spring day. My lunch cooler was packed with water, snacks, and a sandwich. And as I made my way to my office, I listened to the morning news on the radio. A new day beckoned! Just before 9am, I pulled into the parking lot, ready for my [...]

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Should I Become a Coach? Seven Reasons To Say Yes!

1) You know you are called to help people but traditional people-helping professions don’t seem like the best fit for you. Perhaps counseling would be too stressful for you because it feels like dwelling in the past. Maybe consulting feels like you have to be responsible for the outcome. The good news about coaching is [...]

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Redeeming a Disengaged Workforce

Did you know: roughly 90% of the worldwide workforce is disengaged (Gallup, 2013)? “We need to redeem the marketplace,” says Greg Leith, CEO, Convene (2015). “If great coaches can ask great questions, we will pull out the latent energy [and] begin to reflect [the] God who loves people, to a culture that is going off [...]

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What is Professional Christian Coaching?

Are you a professional Christian coach? Do you sometimes struggle to find the right words to answer potential clients' questions? What is coaching? What makes it professional-grade coaching? What is distinctly Christian coaching? Let’s parse out all three parts of that phrase—Professional Christian Coaching—and examine each of them. What is Coaching? The “ICF (International Coach Federation) [...]

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Leader as Coach with Christopher McCluskey, PCC

Christopher McCluskey, President and CEO of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, spoke at this year's Convene Leadership Summit, a two-day event focused on inspiring Christian CEO's and business leaders to excel in their businesses, relationships, lives, and families. In this inspiring video, Chris examines the role of leader as coach.

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What's the Difference Between Coaching for Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction

“What is the difference between coaching for spiritual formation and spiritual direction?” a prospect asked during an introductory call last week. As I stammered to explain the difference, I realized I didn’t have a satisfying answer. So, I’ve spent the last few days mentally formulating a response to that question. Before talking about their distinctions, [...]

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5 Ways to Help Introverts Thrive During The Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The stream of anxiety-ridden, introverted clients who have concerns about parties and social events is increasing as the holiday draws near. As someone who is on the far end of the introverted continuum, I “get it,” which is a tremendous relief to my clients. But for those of you [...]

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"Life Coach" Defined: Merriam-Webster Gets It Wrong

Merriam-Webster Dictionary recently published its definition of “Life Coach.” Unfortunately, they got it wrong. While it’s gratifying to have our profession recognized, the critical noun they used to define it is woefully inaccurate. Webster’s Dictionary defines “Life Coach” as "(noun) an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems." [...]

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