I drove to work early on a mild, spring day.
My lunch cooler was packed with water, snacks, and a sandwich.
And as I made my way to my office, I listened to the morning news on the radio. A new day beckoned!
Just before 9am, I pulled into the parking lot, ready for my first coaching call of the day.
Sounds like a typical day at the office, right?
For me, that week, it was.
My drive on Ocracoke Island, NC shot up through a beautiful stretch of road on the Hatteras National Seashore, along Highway 12. I had taken a last minute getaway to the beach; but I didn’t want to miss a beat in my coaching work.
My office for that first coaching call was actually my vehicle, from which I enjoyed a view of the ocean and dunes, as I sat in the public access beach parking lot.
I completed a 45-minute coaching call.
Then I closed my laptop, tucked it into my office-bag, and enjoyed the rest of the day on the beach.
I dreamed up marketing plans for the following quarter while my skin soaked up vitamin D from the sun.
Anytime I needed a break, I took a swim in the ocean or a walk in the sand.
It was my ideal workday!

Joy of Being a Portable Coach

  • Network in other cities, states, or countries without having to leave the office for a weekend or more
  • Enjoy travel any time, without interruptions to your workflow
  • Set your own hours and determine how much vacation time, sick time, etc… you’ll need for the year
  • On days when physical limits would keep you from going into the office, enjoy working from the comfort of your own home
  • Work from anywhere, anytime, with any one who’s anywhere, anytime

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