How long does it take to become certified through PCCI?

A person can expect to meet the requirements for either of our Certified Professional Life Coach OR Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC) designations within 12 – 18 months. This time frame can be shortened based upon the timing of each course offering and on the number of clients the coach is able to secure quickly. [...]

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How much does it cost to become certified through PCCI?

Aside from the tuition for our four core education courses and individual mentor coaching from a PCCI-approved and trained mentor coach, there are processing fees involved in becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) or Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC), but there are no periodic renewal fees. Costs for the four education courses are as follows: [...]

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Is certification or licensing required to become a life coach?

There is no certification or licensing required to practice professional coaching in the U.S., just as none is required to practice professional consulting. Several types of certification exist, however, and can be beneficial for establishing credibility in the marketplace. Most coach training schools provide their own internal certifications affirming competency in coaching, and PCCI provides [...]

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What type of Mentor Coaching is required for certification through PCCI?

In order to be awarded our Certified Professional Life Coach credential or our Certified Professional Leadership Coach credential, you must receive 10 hours of mentor coaching (at least 3 of which are individual 1:1 hours) with an ICF-credentialed and PCCI-approved faculty mentor. The coaching must be focused on developing your skills in alignment with the [...]

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What is the benefit of receiving formal training in life coaching?

Although formal training is not yet required to practice life coaching, it is our firm belief that those who have been trained through a recognized institution are generally more skilled and professional in their service delivery. Coaching draws upon numerous disciplines and yet it is a distinct profession. Our training clarifies these distinctions, covers the [...]

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