Multiple Streams to Build Income

Have you considered adding multiple streams of services and products to build your income? When I started coaching, I imagined I’d make enough money from individual coaching sessions or monthly coaching packages to justify owning my own business. I structured my fees. I found prospects that wanted to do an inquiry session. I converted prospects [...]

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Marketing Skills: How to Attract New Coaching Clients

Building a website, getting on Facebook, tweeting three times a day, search engine optimization, article marketing, highlighting keywords… with all the marketing techniques available, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed. Much like a parent who is busy buying every toy available for his child that he forgets to spend time with him, a conscientious coach [...]

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Top 5 Mistakes New Coaches Make Launching Their Coaching Business

Congratulations! You’ve finished your coach training, received your certification, and you’re ready for business. But there’s just one problem — the phone isn't ringing and no clients are coming in. What gives? Don't Make These Mistakes Launching Your Coaching Business Chances are you may be making one of these five common mistakes: You wait for [...]

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Extend Your Influence and Reach More Clients

Are you looking for ways to reach more people and tell them about your coaching services? Building your platform could help. Platform building is simply another way of saying "extending your influence," or marketing your services to reach more people for maximum impact. Join Platform University's Influence and Impact Summit, October 6-13, 2015 for free. [...]

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Get Coaching Clients: Stop Selling, Start Serving

Year after year, I hung my head in shame. While all the other Girl Scouts earned their cookie-selling badges with ease, I could barely get my Mom to buy a single box. Selling was just not my thing. So, imagine my dismay the day I discovered that to get coaching clients I was supposed to [...]

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3 Ways God Can Grow Your Business While He is Growing You

On those slow months when the phone doesn’t ring and business doesn’t come, do you ever wonder what’s going on? Has God forgotten you? Is this coaching business really from Him? When profits plummet, doubts crowd in. That’s when I recall that while I spend my days trying to grow a business, God spends His [...]

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Quote Your Coaching Fee without Flinching in Fear

How do you respond when a prospect asks about your coaching fee? When a potential client asks you what you charge, do you: Mention a price and then lower it before your prospect has a chance to respond? Apologize before the amount leaves your mouth? Cringe as you await a response? I’ve done all of [...]

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Relational Marketing: Is It For Me?

Every so often, a lesson comes along that is simple but deep. What follows could change the way you look at marketing, the way you build your practice, and, quite possible, the way you view life itself. Bold claims? Read on and see for yourself. Everyone is looking for ways to keep their practice full, [...]

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