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Why Alice in Wonderland Needs a Niche

“What is your problem?” asked the Cheshire Cat. Bewildered, Alice replied, “I don’t know which road to take.” “Where are you going?” the Cat asked. “I don’t know,” said Alice. “Then it really doesn’t matter which road you take!” replied the Cheshire Cat. And he’s right. Whether you live in Wonderland or Hoboken, if you [...]

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Four Ways to Avoid the Comparison Trap

Comparison. It’s a deadly trap that left me, as a new coach, discouraged, defeated and paralyzed. I remember waking up each morning, fueled by excitement at the thought of building my coaching business. But as I surfed the Internet for help, I’d stumble across coaches who were older, wiser, smarter, and richer. How could I [...]

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Marketing Skills: How to Attract New Coaching Clients

Building a website, getting on Facebook, tweeting three times a day, search engine optimization, article marketing, highlighting keywords… with all the marketing techniques available, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed. Much like a parent who is busy buying every toy available for his child that he forgets to spend time with him, a conscientious coach [...]

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A Manifesto for Christian Coaches

What’s a manifesto, and why do Christian coaches need one? Building a coaching business is hard. Really hard. But… it will change lives. Your life. And the lives of those you coach. Thus, on this difficult and rewarding journey we need to plan, prepare, and most of all, commit. A manifesto is a public declaration [...]

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Business-Building Quiz: Do You Have the Seven Key Qualities You Need to Succeed?

Your parents probably didn’t know you’d become a coach entrepreneur the minute you popped out of the womb. If they had, they might have done things differently, such as integrating Internet marketing, cost accounting, finance, and more into your curriculum of life. But they didn’t, and that’s okay. If God wanted an army of MBA’s, [...]

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Get Coaching Clients: Stop Selling, Start Serving

Year after year, I hung my head in shame. While all the other Girl Scouts earned their cookie-selling badges with ease, I could barely get my Mom to buy a single box. Selling was just not my thing. So, imagine my dismay the day I discovered that to get coaching clients I was supposed to [...]

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3 Steps to Finding Your Sweet Spot

My first business venture failed. I had set up my card table, squeezed the lemons, added a boatload of sugar, and put up my sign. My first-ever entrepreneurial adventure, Kim’s Lemonade Stand, never made it off the ground. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. I lived on a dead-end street. A cemetery was livelier [...]

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3 Ways God Can Grow Your Business While He is Growing You

On those slow months when the phone doesn’t ring and business doesn’t come, do you ever wonder what’s going on? Has God forgotten you? Is this coaching business really from Him? When profits plummet, doubts crowd in. That’s when I recall that while I spend my days trying to grow a business, God spends His [...]

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