Encore Episode: The Mindful Coach

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast What is mindfulness, what is it not and why should it matter to Christian coaches? What does the Bible and church history say about mindfulness? What are the components of the practice of Holy Noticing? Those are just a few of the questions we’ll ponder and [...]

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Encore Episode: The Art & Science of Powerful Questions with Michael Powers

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast The right question asked at the right time in the right way can create new insights, open greater possibilities, and generate tremendous motivation. This kind of powerful questioning is at the core of what we do as coaches. In today’s episode, Michael Powers helps us take [...]

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Opening the Mailbox #8

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast We're opening the mailbox and once, again answering your most-asked questions. If you struggle to schedule your weekly calendar, if people unsubscribe from your newsletter as soon as you send it out, if you're a counselor who's considering adding coaching to your service options: tune in. [...]

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Career Coaching with Evelyn Kaufman

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast Career coaching is a popular and in-demand coaching niche, and in today’s episode, we’ll give you a helpful roadmap with the information you need to start coaching clients. Whether your prospects are jobless or desire a career change, you can help them get the job or [...]

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Planning and Goal Setting (ICF Competency #10)

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast We're putting ICF Core Competency #10: Planning and Goal Setting into context for you today. You may already know it's the coach's responsibility to make sure the client's agenda and plans stay on course throughout the coaching relationship. But do you know about the primary tools [...]

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Putting the Fun in Retirement Funding

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast Retirement funding... fun? It can be! It can also be scary without the support of an employer, but we’ve got plenty of tips and tools for you today to help you be prepared for your “golden years.” Listen today as Jay Parks shares all about: How [...]

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Creating a Coaching Culture In an Organization with Brett Schrock

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast Looking for a way to activate the wisdom harnessed within yourself and your teams? Creating a coaching culture inside your organization will do just that, helping with challenging executive decisions, supporting teams to achieve sustained results, and mining the wealth of collective insights. Develop your market, [...]

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Coaching for Results with Andy Andrews

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast People hire coaches so they can achieve results. If you want to be the kind of coach that helps people imagine possibilities beyond their boundaries, you can certainly help them get the incredible results they seek. Just ask today's guest. He's been described as "someone who [...]

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Organizational Change in a Changing World with Steve Greer

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast The speed of change progresses constantly. Our world accelerates daily. Change is inevitable. But organizations can adapt and even thrive. Our guest today, Steve Greer, is here to help you manage organizational change in the marketplace and the world. In this episode, you'll: Learn the 3 keys for leading change. Identify [...]

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Personal Change in a Changing World with Steve Greer

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Download Podcast Nothing is permanent in this world except change. If we want to be effective in coaching our clients, we have to self-lead and become agents of change. In this episode you'll not only learn how to lead change effectively; you'll be encouraged to step out in [...]

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