What distinguishes PCCI from all other coach training schools?

PCCI provides all live training, via Zoom videoconference, enabling real-time feedback, Q&A, role play demonstrations, case presentations, and supervision of your practice-coaching. All classes are taught live, via high-definition Zoom videoconference so you can literally attend from anywhere in the world – even from a remote mission field. PCCI training is at the college/graduate level, honoring and [...]

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What does a person get upon completion of the program?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion for every course you take, and will be able to download a PCCI icon with the designation “Trained” for use on your website and promotional materials. These identify you as having received training at Professional Christian Coaching Institute and can be utilized later in applying for various certifications [...]

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Are there any prerequisites for becoming a student at PCCI?

No. The majority of our students have a background in various people-helping roles such as pastor, therapist, lay counselor, 12-step group facilitator, support group leader, etc., but these are not required. Most of our students are in their 30s to 60s and most have a college degree, with more than half having advanced degrees, but [...]

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What if I have to miss a class?

Since our classes take 3 to 4 months to complete, nearly everyone misses a class sometime due to sickness or vacation or a short-term mission trip. In The Essentials of Coaching, you are allowed to miss up to 2 classes and still complete with full credit for the 40 hour course. If you miss 3 [...]

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How are the classes taught?

All classes are taught live, via Zoom, and no special equipment is required. At a minimum you can use a phone to call into the virtual classroom. All classes are taught live, via high-definition Zoom videoconference, and many students call into the Zoom meeting using their cell phone or landline telephone. You do not need [...]

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