Convey Coaching Value: 1 Solid Strategy

You wanted to become a coach, but you're not sure how to convey coaching value. You invested in coaching education, but you're not sure how to successfully apply it. You wrote a business plan, but you're not sure if it will succeed. Now what. What will propel you forward and grow your business? ICF Competency #7: Direct Communication It’s one of the [...]

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Business-Building Quiz: Do You Have the Seven Key Qualities You Need to Succeed?

Your parents probably didn’t know you’d become a coach entrepreneur the minute you popped out of the womb. If they had, they might have done things differently, such as integrating Internet marketing, cost accounting, finance, and more into your curriculum of life. But they didn’t, and that’s okay. If God wanted an army of MBA’s, [...]

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Get Coaching Clients: Stop Selling, Start Serving

Year after year, I hung my head in shame. While all the other Girl Scouts earned their cookie-selling badges with ease, I could barely get my Mom to buy a single box. Selling was just not my thing. So, imagine my dismay the day I discovered that to get coaching clients I was supposed to [...]

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How to Make Sound Business Decisions as a Christian Solopreneur

How do you make sound business decisions as a Christian solopreneur? If you’ve not heard the term before, a solopreneur, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is: “An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet they have full responsibility for the running of their business.”    [...]

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Growing Your Coaching Business in Tough Economic Times

"I’m afraid people won’t pay for coaching now. They can’t afford it, and unemployment is too high." I’ve heard these words repeatedly over the past couple of years, and based on what I see in the news, I understand why. It’s conventional wisdom. “Everybody knows it.” The problem is this: It is simply, and absolutely, [...]

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