Professional Christian Coaching Institute

Professional Christian Coaching Retreat

April 30 - May 2, 2020 

Engage with like-minded PCCI coaches and gain fresh vision to propel you forward in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. This Retreat only happens every two years, so make plans to join us in 2020 at The Cove, the beautiful Billy Graham Facility in Asheville, NC.


Professional Development

Take your coaching and your business to the next level through a variety of learning opportunities:  

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Professional and Business Development Workshops (NEW THIS YEAR!)
  • Network with other coaches
  • Sample a PCCI Course

Professional Community

Developing a supportive professional community is critical for success. Plus, it’s really fun. Highlights from last retreat attendees:  

  • Sharing a meal with class instructors
  • Meeting peer group partners face-to-face
  • Creating new friendships
  • Collaborating with other coaches to generate new ideas

Keynote Speakers

Christopher McCluskey

Christopher McCluskey, PCC

Often cited as ‘The Father of Christian Coaching’, Chris is a visionary thought leader who pioneered this field in the late 1990’s through journal articles, conferences, keynotes, and as a founding board member of both the Christian Coaches Network and Christian Coaching Magazine. 

He has presented at more than 50 national & international conferences including the Christian Management Association (CMA), the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS), the Association for Marriage & Family Ministries (AMFM) and the Christian Coaches Network (CCN).  

Chris and Rachel operate Professional Christian Coaching Institute and Coaching for Christian Living from their ranch in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in south-central Missouri where they homeschool their seven children. Chris’ passions include music, the performing arts, and nature, but most of all his family.

Sackeena Gordon-Jones

Sackeena Gordon-Jones, MCC

Sackeena Gordon-Jones is a Master Certified Coach specializing in coaching senior executives, their teams, and high-potentials. Her clients gain the power of a partnership that engages in thought-provoking, disruptive experiences which evokes their potential, and enables them to expand their capacity to lead and deliver results.  

Sackeena has coached hundreds of leaders in global organizations on 5 continents. She founded Transformation Edge Coaching & Consulting LLC to deliver leadership development services, coach training programs, and leadership coaching to private, public, and non-profit organizations. As the executive director of Transformation Coach Institute and Business Coach Institute, she has trained hundreds of coaches, leaders and ministers.  

Sackeena believes that our God-given potential holds the promise of a life well lived and that transformational leadership awakens our consciousness to identify, develop and leverage that potential. Leaders who coach facilitate the emergence of their associates’ best selves and the possibilities of achieving our most ennobling visions.  

Brent O'Bannon

Brent O'Bannon, PCC

Brent O’Bannon is the first GALLUP-Certified Strengths Coach in the world. He coaches and leads entrepreneurial leaders, teams, coaches and multi-million dollar companies to maximize, mobilize, and monetize their strengths for Breakthrough success.  

Brent teaches the PCCI Strengths Based Coaching course and is a recent Amazon #1 best-selling author of Selling Strengths: A Little Book for Executive and Life Coaches About Using Your Strengths to Get Paying Client. His vision is to champion strengths for global excellence. 

He’s a top rated StrengthsFinder keynote speaker & workshop facilitator who is playful, engaging and insightful on strengths based application. Brent has delivered workshops onsite and online to more than 100+ organizations around the world.

He earned an MBS from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Convene, Vistage, and Achieve Global Certified speaker.

Retreat Schedule

Thursday - 4/30

3-5pm - Check In 5:30-6:30pm - Dinner 7-8:30pm - Session #1 8:30-9:30pm - Evening Fellowship/Snacks

Friday - 5/1

8-9am - Breakfast 9-10:30am - Session #2 10:30am-12pm - Workshop 12-1pm - Lunch 1-5pm - Free Time 5-6pm - Dinner 6-7:30pm - Workshop 7:30-9:30pm - Evening Fellowship/Snacks

Saturday - 5/2

8-9am - Breakfast 9-10:30am - Workshop 10:30am-12pm - Session #3 12:30-1:30pm - Lunch & Dismissal

About The Cove

When Billy and Ruth Graham founded The Cove more than 25 years ago, they prayed it would be a place of spiritual refreshment—a sanctuary where people could leave behind the stresses of everyday life and focus on the Savior. Since then, tens of thousands of believers have come away to The Cove’s breathtaking setting in Western North Carolina to enjoy its first-class meeting and dining facilities, charming inns, and picturesque scenery.

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Double Occupancy

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Married Couples

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