The Swiss Army Knife of professional coaching! Pinpoint what’s happening and what’s needed to help your clients reach clarity, build momentum and achieve their highest priorities.

The “think-it-through” nature of the Clarity & Momentum™ model transcends any specific single use and provides an all-encompassing filter for every kind of client in any coaching session.

  • Profoundly Revealing. Allows clients to pinpoint what is most important to focus on in moving forward.
  • Infinitely Adaptable. Applies to almost any client situation (including work teams) as well as to any coaching methodology.
  • Wisdom-Based. Because it’s built on the clear concepts of Scripture you’ll have confidence using it in any Christian setting, though the model is entirely adapted to secular & corporate settings.
  • Culturally Portable. Integrate as much Christian content into it as you wish or use more general-market, sector-specific language.
  • Always Available. Pull it from memory and present it to an audience of one or one thousand.
  • Easily Conveyed. Very simple to describe or draw, quickly fostering powerful insights.

Profound and foundational, this course will truly transform the way you practice coaching.

Prerequisites: The Essentials of Life Coaching or The Essentials of Leadership Coaching class, or approved equivalent introductory course in professional coaching.

Full Payment

$750full pay
  • NO monthly payments

Deposit plus

  • $500 balance

Deposit plus
4 Monthly Payments

  • $130 monthly

Deposit plus
8 Monthly Payments

  • $80 monthly

February 2021

DAY: Mondays
TIME: 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern
DATES: February 22 – April 12, 2021

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