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Busting 10 Myths of Professional Coaching

In our own version of "MythBusters," we would like to debunk some of the common misconceptions about professional coaching. It used to be that sports coaches were the only kind of coaches around, but a new kind of coach is permeating life and work. But that doesn't mean people understand what today's coaching is all [...]

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The Four Questions that Coaching Explores

Before I knew what coaching was, this is what I thought coaching was: you paid a coach to tell you how great you were and how everything would work out, if you just believed in yourself. I thought a coach's job was to put a plastic sheen on life while quoting optimistic one-liners embroidered on [...]

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A Better Way to Treat Yourself

I never set out to start a company. A few years back, I felt a shift was coming in my career. I decided I couldn’t keep on doing what I was doing, so I entered a period of discovery that involved coaching. The exploration actually led me to professional coaching and Human Resources (HR) as [...]

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12 Critical Questions to Measure Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic in organizations because of the value that engagement brings to everyone. At my workplace, we just completed our third engagement survey, which we do periodically. We took the first one in December 2016 as the baseline, then started implementing a six-part employee engagement program. Then we measured our progress [...]

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Why It’s So Hard Being Ourselves

I’m an identical twin and growing up as a twin was fun. Since Matthew and I looked alike, people would identify us by our clothes. Our parents usually dressed me in red and Matthew in blue. But what if our clothes got switched? That was our fun. We would show up one way and become [...]

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5 Ways Coaching Is Different Than Counseling

What’s the difference between coaching and counseling? Most people don’t know. We shared previously that according to the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, only 30% of the public correctly identified coaching among other modalities such as mentoring, consulting, and counseling. We already discussed the difference between coaching and mentoring, so now let’s tackle counseling. [...]

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Is My Job the Same as My Calling?

The other day a coaching client explained that he was feeling unfulfilled and restless in his job. He couldn’t figure out why. He was making a fine living to provide for his family and it was meaningful work. But regardless, he felt sort of empty at the end of the day, and he couldn’t put [...]

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How Do I Know What My Calling Is?

I’ve heard many people talk about calling as that ONE ELUSIVE THING that unless they find it, they’re cursed to wander the earth in misery until they die. They sweat and fret to find THE ONE THING. I’ve certainly thought of “calling” that way before. But I think of calling differently now. I see it [...]

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A New Vision for the Workplace

Last week my wife drove to Massachusetts to attend the funeral of her friend, Tony. Colette and Tony became friends when they were 13. They lived in the same neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts, which is the town that the movie The Fighter took place. After high school graduation, Tony joined the Navy and entered Boot [...]

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95 Outcomes of Christian Coaching

The world needs a Christian coaching movement. I’ve seen the good things that come from coaching, God’s grace poured out behind the scenes whether the client asked for God’s grace or not. I’ve seen the good things that come from walking with Christ. Put them together and it’s dynamite! Ooh, to sense the wind of [...]

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