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Three Levels of Employee Recognition

The business benefits of employee recognition are numerous. Studies published by Forbes and Hppy show that employee recognition improves engagement, customer satisfaction, employee retention, employee experience, and performance. Actually, “Praise and commendation from managers was rated the top motivator for performance, beating out other noncash and financial incentives, by 67% of workers,” according to GetHppy.com. [...]

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Coaching is not a Punishment

It was my wife in our early days of marriage who set the record straight—I was wrong about gas stations. Up until that time, I thought the big numbers posted on gas pumps were the year the oil was collected. And so “93” meant it was from the year 1993. This made sense because the [...]

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Life is Fragile

I haven’t written for a few weeks because for a couple of them, I was sick. It all started with some symptoms that looked like Lyme disease. I’m from Pennsylvania, which is one of those tick-rich states where Lyme is a threat. I went to the doctor’s office and he thought it looked like Lyme, [...]

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7 Drivers of a Contagious Strengths Movement

Last time I suggested that a sweeping strengths movement larger than we've ever seen could be coming. I defined strengths as, “your best means of contribution and contentment,” and wrote that few us have really tapped into the talents, traits, skills, knowledge, values, and more that are within us. And I commended us to seek humility as [...]

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Humility in a World of Strengths

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented strengths movement. Folks are eager to discover their areas of strength, and what’s more, they’re expecting to use their strengths every day. There are more laborers than ever before focused on helping others to use their strengths. And what’s more, technology around strengths is burgeoning. In a general [...]

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Helping Clients Find Their Essential Strengths

In high school, there was a group of popular guys that I wanted to be part of. They wore construction boots, jeans, and flannel shirts to parties. To become one of them, I decided to dress like them. It was a shallow idea, but hey, I was a teenager. At the next party, I showed [...]

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10 Steps For Hiring The Right People

What does it cost your organization to replace an employee? Whether you’re a coach in private practice or part of a larger organization, it’s costly. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, replacing an employee can cost 6 to 9 months of the employee's salary. The numbers can go up depending on the specific [...]

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How To Work With Dominant People Without Disengaging

I’m friends with them, work with them, am led by them. They’re around me at the office, at church, at home. I’m even married to one. Before we talked about how to work with compliant people without crushing them, and discussed the RightPath tool that helps our employees understand more about themselves and working with [...]

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3 Ways Workplaces Can Offer Coaching to Employees

A report from Gallup on the American workforce says that today’s employees expect coaching, and employers that don’t offer coaching may lose talented workers. On top of that, the largest group of employees in the workforce—millennials—value personal growth over pay. Employers cannot ignore coaching. But how can employers offer coaching to their employees? According to [...]

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