The world needs a Christian coaching movement. I’ve seen the good things that come from coaching, God’s grace poured out behind the scenes whether the client asked for God’s grace or not. I’ve seen the good things that come from walking with Christ. Put them together and it’s dynamite!
Ooh, to sense the wind of the Spirit during a coaching call. To see the Father’s will make itself clearer like it’s seeking to be found. To have the fellowship of Jesus as He draws near. These are all gifts given to the Christian coach for the benefit of bringing out the Father’s will in the life of the client.
The world needs a Christian coaching movement for its glorious outcomes. They are truly out of this world.
Here are 95 outcomes of Christian coaching.

  1. To discover your best life rather than design it
  2. To partner with the Spirit not just positive thinking
  3. To affirm your hope and future rather than hope for the best
  4. To pray in agreement with your coach rather than just start
  5. To hear the whispers of the Father in the place you need to hear them
  6. To fulfill your purpose rather than miss it
  7. To receive more power than the power within
  8. To become a new creation rather than doomed to repeat the past
  9. To boast in weakness and not be embarrassed about it
  10. To walk in Christ’s power instead of your own
  11. To embrace suffering not avoid it
  12. To admit brokenness not mask it
  13. To let the Gospel transform you instead of treating it as foolishness
  14. To renew your mind by truth rather than what feels good
  15. To honor Christ instead of yourself
  16. To ask for wisdom from on high instead of knowledge from down here
  17. To activate your spiritual gifts instead of leaving them dormant
  18. To have a healthy soul revived by God
  19. To raise children to put God first
  20. To receive coaching from a Christian worldview
  21. To understand how God made you rather than think it’s by chance
  22. To love your spouse with a love that is out of this world
  23. To pursue what matters most
  24. To become like Jesus
  25. To enlarge your view of Christ
  26. To see God working in your life
  27. To point yourself Christ-ward instead of inward
  28. To increase love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control
  29. To acknowledge the effects of sin rather than ignore them
  30. To take your place in the Church universal
  31. To overcome obstacles with supernatural power rather than will power
  32. To affirm your worth as created by God
  33. To dismantle hindering beliefs
  34. To see yourself as God does
  35. To ask questions God would ask
  36. To be more intimate with your Heavenly Father
  37. To be coached from shared values
  38. To mobilize thousands of Christian coaches
  39. To glorify God not self
  40. To pick up your cross daily even when it hurts
  41. To create a plan for spiritual growth rather than trying haphazardly
  42. To honor your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  43. To work for the LORD not man
  44. To advance God’s Kingdom instead of be neutral
  45. To embrace your identity in Christ
  46. To be invited into the life of Christ rather than ignoring the invitation
  47. To put off shallow living once and for all
  48. To think beyond this little world
  49. To know God is near
  50. To be filled with the Spirit more than yourself
  51. To be reminded of God’s Word that is living and active
  52. To do the works God prepared for you rather than plan your own nice things
  53. To be charged in your calling when you don’t feel like it
  54. To pursue spiritual disciplines that help you grow
  55. To understand your faith journey
  56. To find your best prayer types
  57. To sanctify your strengths not idolize them
  58. To feel loved by God inside and out
  59. To share your faith with others
  60. To put on gratitude instead of greed
  61. To use spiritual weapons that are not of this world
  62. To see you have an enemy who is not of this world
  63. To foster the image of God in you
  64. To call out your true self
  65. To let God shape you because he knows you best
  66. To make your life count for eternity not just today
  67. To rest in God’s promises
  68. To dethrone humanity and enthrone Christ
  69. To forgive because God forgave you
  70. To bring Christ to your work
  71. To point your strengths toward spiritual growth
  72. To think God’s thoughts about your enemies
  73. To become more loving by not expecting anything back
  74. To face your fears with the one who will never leave you
  75. To follow the Holy Spirit into risk and reward
  76. To decrease so Christ may increase
  77. To see others as God does
  78. To make your life not about you
  79. To stand firm in your faith
  80. To challenge mindsets that sound good but are not
  81. To walk by faith not by sight
  82. To understand God’s will for your life
  83. To ask for support and be okay with asking
  84. To enjoy God forever
  85. To surrender to the one who made you
  86. To wear your spiritual armor
  87. To do greater works than Jesus
  88. To love God more than you love yourself
  89. To have a coaching session that echoes in eternity
  90. To conform your dreams to God’s desires
  91. To awaken your spirit not just your soul
  92. To trust the process by trusting God
  93. To receive the grace of God
  94. To be the object of God’s pleasure
  95. To walk in grace not works

Let’s do our part in this movement.
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