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Top 10 Things a Good Coach Will Tell You

In its recent article, “10 Things Life Coaches Don’t Tell You,” Elizabeth O’Brien writing for MarketWatch, questions the validity of coaching as a “bona fide profession,” saying it lacks the attributes of an established field. If you’re considering hiring a coach or a professional coach, this article is worth reading. In response to this article, [...]

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ICF Core Competency: Develop Your Coaching Presence

The International Coach Federation (ICF) identifies eleven core coaching competencies as foundational to the credentialing process. Coaching presence, the ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationship with the client, is critical to co-creating an effective working relationship. To help you understand coaching presence, let me ask you a few simple questions. What kind [...]

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Declutter Your Prayer Closet

Is your prayer closet like your clothes closet . . . in need of decluttering? Yesterday, a fashion consultant came in and pulled everything out of my closet. She found clothes my mom gave me, and she’s been gone since 1999. We culled suits from when I worked in New York in 1998. I had [...]

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ICF Core Competency: Managing Progress and Accountability

Mastering the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core competencies is critical for coaches, enabling them to maximize the client’s personal and professional potential while ensuring the standard for professional-grade coaching remains high. Key to your success is assimilating core competency 11, Managing Progress and Accountability. ICF defines Managing Progress and Accountability as the “ability to hold [...]

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