Choosing a Coaching Niche: An Interview with Coach Mary Sorrentino, ACC, CPLC recently sat down with Mary Sorrentino, ACC, president and founder of Joy On Purpose Coaching and CoachTech Services, to talk about her businesses, the importance of technology for coaches, and choosing a coaching niche. This interview is part of a continuing series, introducing faculty and staff from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and Community [...]

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Walking the Fine Line Between Coaching and Counseling

Whether your coaching niche is pastors or college students, the time will probably come when you must consider referring a client to a professional counselor. In my niche, that decision point comes often. As coaches, we understand the distinctions between coaching and counseling. Counseling looks at the past; coaching looks ahead. Counseling seeks healing for [...]

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Computer Backup and Recovery Services for Coaches

If your hard drive crashes, and your business files die a sudden death, what would you do? For most, the task of finding a computer backup and recovery service that protects your business data and preserves your peace of mind can feel overwhelming. Don’t wait until your data disappears to put a plan in place. [...]

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