Creating Successful Change Through Coaching

Coaching is a co-created relationship, which facilitates creating successful change. It doesn’t happen in one session or during any set span of time; however it gradually takes shape through the coaching process, as coach and client partner together for success. Start S.M.A.R.T. to reach the G.O.A.L. Most of the time, we focus on large tasks [...]

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Convey Coaching Value: 1 Solid Strategy

You wanted to become a coach, but you're not sure how to convey coaching value. You invested in coaching education, but you're not sure how to successfully apply it. You wrote a business plan, but you're not sure if it will succeed. Now what. What will propel you forward and grow your business? ICF Competency #7: Direct Communication It’s one of the [...]

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ICF Updates Code of Ethics

In its ongoing efforts to remain relevant to ICF Members, credential holders, and the coaching profession, the International Coach Federation (ICF) periodically reviews and revises existing processes and policies. To that end, the ICF periodically reviews its Code of Ethics. According to a recent ICF Member Update, the ICF has "moved away from an old [...]

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Basic Coaching Skills: The Foundation for Effective Coaching

Basic coaching skills are foundational to effective coaching. The International Coach Federation (ICF) identifies eleven core competencies, which are the foundation for their credentialing process and the standard reflected in courses offered by the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI). Effective coaches know that building trust and rapport is key. When clients feel safe, cared for, [...]

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