ICF Updates Code of Ethics

In its ongoing efforts to remain relevant to ICF Members, credential holders, and the coaching profession, the International Coach Federation (ICF) periodically reviews and revises existing processes and policies. To that end, the ICF periodically reviews its Code of Ethics. According to a recent ICF Member Update, the ICF has "moved away from an old [...]

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Risky Business: Blurring the Lines Between Coaching and Counseling

As a coach, you will face situations throughout your career when it’s necessary to refer a client to a professional counselor. For example, a client may divulge that he or she struggles with a life-controlling problem or a serious mental health issue. Although it can be tempting to blur the lines between coaching and counseling, [...]

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Coaches, Know When to Refer a Client for Counseling

As a Christian coach, it’s critical that you discern whether a potential client is coachable or, instead, requires a referral to a mental health professional. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Some issues are obvious from the start, but others may not surface until later in the coaching process. What then? A simple litmus test [...]

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Ethical Practice and Risk Management: An Interview with Jory Fisher

Jory H. Fisher, JD, PCC, is Founder and President of Jory Fisher & Associates, Inc., a coaching and mentoring firm based in Bel Air, Maryland. She specializes in helping Christian businesswomen gain confidence, clarity, and clients so they can joyfully fulfill their divine purpose and glorify God through success. Jory is also the featured host [...]

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