How To Persevere Through Trials 

About two years ago, the best and worst thing that ever happened to me happened. I got a text from my then-husband: “I no longer love you and have no hope for our marriage.” At that moment, I knew it was over. Sure enough, I found out later in the day, from him, that he [...]

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Living Forward: Begin With the End In Mind

Do you work hard at living forward: investing time, energy, talent and money into projects, yet it feels like nothing gets accomplished? Are you ready to give up because you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted? If you answered yes to either or both, it might be time to create a life plan. Where to Start It [...]

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Grace for God’s Good Kids

I have often wondered: Is there grace for God’s good kids? I always thought the only answer to a request—especially a “good” request—was “yes.” Would you show up an hour early on Sunday morning to set up chairs for worship? Yes We need more people to serve coffee and doughnuts between services. Could you help? Yes [...]

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Self-Management for Coach and Client

  Self-Management for Coach When it comes to self-management: Sometimes I float like a butterfly, enjoying the freedom I have in Christ to manage my self through the lens of grace Sometimes I forge ahead like a race horse, enjoying the boundaries I have in Christ to manage my self through the lens of mercy [...]

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Why Great Coaching Skills Aren’t Enough

My church has a pastor of coaching. Really. So as part of the coaching team, I attended an ICF-aligned training event at the church office, focused on transformational conversations, asking powerful questions, and setting S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific) goals. One core concept stopped me cold: Coaching that transforms lives flows from coaches [...]

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Emotional Intelligence for Coaches: Self-Regulation

Show me a professional coach who is successful, and I’ll show you a coach who has high emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence, or the ability to perceive, access, and regulate emotions, encompasses five key components: self-awareness, self-regulation/self-management, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills. Last week, we talked about self-awareness. This week, let’s take a closer look [...]

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