About two years ago, the best and worst thing that ever happened to me happened.
I got a text from my then-husband: “I no longer love you and have no hope for our marriage.”
At that moment, I knew it was over. Sure enough, I found out later in the day, from him, that he was completely done.
No room for talking about it.
No counseling.
No room for reconciliation.
Done—and with hardly an explanation besides what was already in the text message.
It seemed like the worst thing to ever happen, at the time. And it didn’t even make sense.
But as the separation period went on, I began to understand how it was the best thing to happen.
As it turns out, there were many things going on with him that he had kept hidden from me. I was living up under oppression I didn’t even know I was under.
I’m now completely free from that oppression.
And I’ve learned an important life lesson.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

I wanted truth. I wanted to know why he all of a sudden decided to quit the relationship. But he wasn’t talking and I didn’t have the funds in my budget to hire a private investigator.
So I became one (of sorts). I began to comb through records I could access and began to uncover the truth I sought.
I wanted justice. I wanted him to hurt as much as he had hurt me. But justice is God’s, not mine.
So I did what I could, right where I was, with the seemingly tiniest bit of will I had left. I forgave him.
I wanted to pray big girl prayers that would shake the heavens and make everything right. But all I could seem to muster from my mouth was “help!”
So I prayed second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, “Help… help… help… help.” And Jesus came to my rescue.
He lifted me out of the miry clay in which I seemed to be stuck, set my feet on solid ground, and got me moving toward the dreams and plans He’s imagined for me.
It’s all because He’s who He is and because I did what I could, where I was, with what I had.

What about you?

What trial are you facing today?
How can you do what you can, where you are, with what you have?

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