Brain Science and Coaching

How does coaching change the brain? What is neuroplasticity? How can we help our clients move forward using neuroscience? Is it possible to integrate current brain science research into a non-directive model of coaching? Brain science is all the rage in coaching circles these days. So much so that CHOICE Magazine, a publication of the [...]

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Coaching Presence in the Coach-Client Relationship

Recent research underscores the role that presence plays in the coaching relationship. While the research was specifically focused on executive presence, we can still learn a great deal from these studies. Consider the ICF core competency describing presence. It states: “Being fully conscious and creating spontaneous relationships with clients, employing a style that is open, [...]

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The Good News About Marriage

You’ve heard the statistics. Half of all marriages end in divorce. The divorce rate in the church is about the same as outside. Research now proves that these “facts” are not true. Harvard-trained social researcher and best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn dispels the myth in her book, The Good News About Marriage. She points out that [...]

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