Speaking for Coaches: Getting Started is Half the Fun

Congratulations! You just received an invitation to speak at a retreat or present at a conference. In your excitement, you jumped at the opportunity. With the event months away, you have plenty of time to prepare, right? Stop right there, and think again. As a coach, I partner with communicators for success. Repeatedly, I see [...]

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How to Determine Your Speaking Fees

“Would you speak to our group? What are your fees?” Questions like these can leave you scrambling to quote a price that is reasonable for you and affordable for the organization seeking to hire you. But push too hard concerning price, and you could find yourself out of a job. Offer a price that seems [...]

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Storytelling: The Secret to Great Speaking

Dr. Leanna Wen, the young, petite co-author of When Doctor’s Don’t Listen and tonight’s keynote speaker, sat beside me. She had just flown in from Washington, DC to address a highly educated and discerning group of colleagues. Speakers fascinate me. Through my coaching business and as a faculty member for the Speak Up Conference, I [...]

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