Convey Coaching Value: 1 Solid Strategy

You wanted to become a coach, but you're not sure how to convey coaching value. You invested in coaching education, but you're not sure how to successfully apply it. You wrote a business plan, but you're not sure if it will succeed. Now what. What will propel you forward and grow your business? ICF Competency #7: Direct Communication It’s one of the [...]

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Coaches, Move Away from the "Why?" Questions

At an in-person Christian Coaches Network International conference years ago, I heard a coaching demonstration that changed how I coach from that day forward. An experienced coach worked with a volunteer “client” and masterfully deepened the client’s awareness. He listened carefully, helped the client sort through details, and at one point asked the client, “What did that represent?” “What [...]

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Coaching Credentials: Sorting the Options

You finished your coach training course and were awarded a coaching certification.  Congratulations!   Now, why would you want an additional credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the Christian Coaches Network (CCN)?  What is the value of a credential from a source independent from your training school?  Coaching Certification from Coach Training Schools Training [...]

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Professional Coaching Credentials: What You Need to Know

Lately I’ve heard stories of new coaches who have invested money and time into coach training that did not get them to where they wanted to be.  They paid money for training that didn’t lead them to the professional credentialing that they were seeking.  They were very disappointed to learn they would have to basically start [...]

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What to Include in Your Coach's Welcome Packet

Welcoming new coaching clients with a formal welcome packet and intake forms helps your clients maximize their sessions with you and contributes to setting a solid foundation for coaching success. Hopefully, your coach training included instruction on putting together intake forms and orienting your clients in your initial sessions. Each training program offers unique recommendations [...]

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