Ethical Practice and Risk Management: An Interview with Jory Fisher

Jory H. Fisher, JD, PCC, is Founder and President of Jory Fisher & Associates, Inc., a coaching and mentoring firm based in Bel Air, Maryland. She specializes in helping Christian businesswomen gain confidence, clarity, and clients so they can joyfully fulfill their divine purpose and glorify God through success. Jory is also the featured host [...]

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Knowing Your Mission is Vital to Your Success

“Each of us has a mission in life,” says Christian theologian Henri J.M. Nouwen in Bread for the Journey. “One of the most important spiritual disciplines is to develop the knowledge that the years of our lives are years ‘on a mission.’” For the Christian coach, knowing and fulfilling your life’s mission is vital to [...]

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How to Make Sound Business Decisions as a Christian Solopreneur

How do you make sound business decisions as a Christian solopreneur? If you’ve not heard the term before, a solopreneur, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is: “An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet they have full responsibility for the running of their business.”    [...]

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