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From stay-at-home mom to becoming a business professional to ultimately embracing the coaching field, Maggie Meylor joins us today to share her inspiring coaching journey.

Tune in to learn:

  • The powerful questions that have impacted her clients.
  • How value of not trying so hard.
  • The difference between coaching and being a coach.
  • How the Clifton Strengths Finder opens doors.
  • Four ways to attract individual and business clients.

About Maggie Meylor, CPLC

Maggie Meylor, is a CPLC, Certified Strengths Champion, e2grow facilitator, mentor, public speaker, enthusiastic owner of True Forward Coaching, and Academic Advisor for Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

Throughout Maggie’s life, she has enjoyed intentionally investing in those around her. In 2019 she was introduced to professional coaching and in late 2020 the Holy Spirit directed her steps to Professional Christian Coaching Institute where she promptly enrolled after binge listening to this podcast and attending an online 5-day challenge, hosted by PCCI.

On a personal note, Maggie hails from Wisconsin and has since relocated to South Central Illinois, where she currently resides with her loving husband of 39 years, Mark. Together, they have raised two incredible daughters, both of whom are happily married and have blessed them with the joy of two beautiful grandchildren.
In her free time, you can find her playing golf, pickleball, riding bikes and taking long walks with her dog, Olive.

Connect with Maggie at: [email protected]

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