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In the post-Covid world, frontline workers continue to encounter various challenges, including low-level anxiety, difficulty concentrating, increased irritability, and a decreased window of tolerance. However, coaching can offer invaluable support to assist them in overcoming these effects and reclaiming clarity, calmness, and focus.

Join us in this episode as we welcome Doreen Steenland to explore the empowering combination of neuroscience and coaching, enabling frontline workers to navigate their challenges and flourish.

Tune in to discover effective ways to support your clients in:

  • Enhancing clarity of thought.
  • Cultivating a calm and composed response.
  • Harnessing the power of possibilities.
  • Developing incredible focus.

Coaching can be immensely beneficial for frontline workers and others in the post-Covid world, enabling them to conquer challenges, embrace new possibilities, and truly thrive.

About Doreen Steenland

Doreen Steenland is a Registered Nurse, International Coaching Federation Certified Coach & Certified Mental Fitness Coach. Doreen’s diverse nursing experience and neuroscience training provide a unique approach to her coaching. She is the founder of Living Full Life Coaching and empowers over-committed medical professionals to rise above their stress patterns, get anchored, and take control again.

Doreen coaches women who have conquered survival mode and are now ready to live again! Empowering women to disrupt autopilot living, be present and walk in freedom is her passion using brain based tools.

Doreen’s coach training includes IPNB, somatic and Trauma Informed techniques, emotional intelligence, and positive intelligence. Mental Fitness incorporates Positive Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Science, and Performance Science and is backed by metric-driven scientifically proven tools. Using these tools, we rewire your brain & reset your energy for success.

She is a speaker and author of “Transform Your Brain, One Thought At A Time: Stress Patterns, Anxiety and Overthinking Rewired.”

She lives by grace through faith in New Jersey with her hubby of 32 years and three adult kids. She loves golfing, hiking, and all things outdoors. Her favorite place to rest is her front porch!

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