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Join us for an exciting episode as we delve into the Navigators Coaching ministry, where coaching is being integrated into all aspects of their global mission. In this episode, we bring you an update on the remarkable growth of coaching within The Navigators, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, we share details about the highly anticipated Coach Camp 2023, a transformative event for igniting coaching skills and fostering personal growth.

Don’t miss these key takeaways:

Impact of Coaching on Disciple-Making Ministry

Discover how coaching has made a significant impact on The Navigators’ disciple-making ministry. Hear inspiring stories of individuals who have experienced transformation, gained clarity, and overcome obstacles through the guidance and support provided by coaching.

Connecting with Younger Generations

Explore how The Navigators effectively uses coaching to connect with younger generations. Learn how coaching, with its culturally relevant and creative approach, empowers young individuals to take ownership of their personal growth and navigate the challenges they face.

Internal Shifts and Organizational Integration

Uncover the internal shifts that The Navigators have experienced through the integration of coaching. Hear how staff members are actively seeking coaching, recognizing its potential to enhance their leadership skills and effectiveness in disciple making. Discover specific ways coaching is being utilized within the organization, such as 360 Reviews, Leader Development Programs, and supporting transitions.

Learn more and sign up for Coach Camp 2023 here:

About Aimee Hodges

Aimee Hodges is founder and President of Hodges Leadership Coaching, a coaching business focused on helping leaders lead with courage and compassion. She is a Professional Certified Coach with a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. She serves as the Chief of Staff for The Navigators’ Training, Development and Care department.

She is committed to coming alongside leaders as they lead through the dynamics of diversity among their teams. She encourages leaders to work towards creating environments and systems that reflect equity, justice and inclusion. She is passionate about leaders leading out of who they are.

Aimee is a Colorado native but has lived in Atlanta since 2014. She enjoys living in the city and being able to go home to the mountains in Colorado!

About Sean McKelvey

Sean McKelvey serves as the Director of Navigators Life and Leadership Coaching and is also the President and Founder of New Culture Coaching, LLC. He’s been in ministry for 17 years and loves to develop the next generation of Leaders to live and lead like Jesus. Sean has been married for 16 years to his wife Andrea and they have two children, Nayelli and Caelan. He loves to cycle, run, play soccer, and go on hikes with his family.

Sean has received certification as a PCC, CPLC, Navigators Life and Leadership Coach, a top 5 Strengths Coach, and Prepare and Enrich Marriage Coaching. Sean is also a graduate of California State University of Long Beach.

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