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Love it or hate, the world has gone virtual. Today’s guest, Jennifer Britton, author of Reconnecting Workspaces, is here to help us navigate these ever-changing virtual waters. Tune in to learn how you and your clients can move from surviving to thriving in virtual, remote, and hybrid spaces.

She’ll help you:

  • Discover unique pathways that allow you and your clients to have conversations that matter.
  • Pause and ponder what’s next and what’s possible in the face of uncertainty.
  • Move forward with adaptability so you can operate successfully in today’s highly virtual world.

About Jennifer Britton

Coach, author and thought leader in the area of group and team coaching, Jennifer has also been an early pioneer in the virtual and remote space. Since the early 1990s she’s led teams and programming virtually, first in the international humanitarian sector leading teams for the UN, and later through her company, Potentials Realized, an award-winning coaching skills training company. Virtual, remote and hybrid work is the focus of her recent TEDx talk, and her latest book series, Reconnecting Workspaces: Pathways to Thrive in the Virtual, Remote and Hybrid World.

Most days you’ll find Jenn leading a myriad of virtual programs – from remote team coaching sessions, to virtual retreats for business owners, to group coaching programs for entrepreneurs.

She is the author of six books including Reconnecting Workspaces, along with Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010 – the world’s first book to be published on group coaching), From On to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013), Effective Virtual Conversations (2017), and PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner for Virtual and Remote Professionals (2019).

Jenn’s also the co-host of the Remote Pathways podcast which explores the people, places and processes of remote work.
She offers a number of ICF CCE approved programs for coaches in the areas of group and team coaching and virtual conversations.

Learn more about Jennifer’s work at

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