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If the journey from your calling toward obtaining sustainable compensation has been more of an up and down ride than a straight path, you’re not alone. We’ve been there and we’ve seen the predictable pattern that occurs in the lives and businesses of Christian entrepreneurs.

In today’s podcast, we’ll show you how to step off the emotional roller coaster and unfold a practical roadmap you can use to navigate your next steps.

Learn more about:

  • 5 phases of the entrepreneurial journey we identified: from Eager Anticipation to Mount Optimism.
  • How to identify which stage you’re currently in and how Scripture relates so you can stay encouraged along the way.
  • What you can do when you hear that little voice say, “Get a real job!” so you can recommit instead of quit.
  • How to persevere and build the consistency you need to stay on track.

You can download your free graphic illustration of the Emotional Roller Coaster of the Christian Entrepreneur at

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