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Do you long to bridge the gap between issues that separate us? If so, then step into a sacred space with us today. Even though we live in wonderful, beautiful times, we are more divided than we have ever been before. But the Holy Spirit is still at work, often through powerful coaching conversations.

Today, we get to listen in on a special conversation, a truly sacred space. We invite you to turn off your earthly ears. Don’t listen for answers to complex questions. Instead, open up your spiritual ears and learn to ask the right questions, be in the questions, and seek God on what he wants for us in this culture.

For such a time and place as this:

  • Consider the bigger, better vision of true unity so you can see and appreciate dynamic diversity.
  • See our differences, but do not be impaired by them.
  • Practice plugging things into the context of Scripture, instead of lifting things out of context.

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