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What do the photos you use to represent you and your business say about you? Do they convey the image you want to project? Tune in today to find out why your promotional photos are critical to your image, and how you can maximize their impact.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Capture people’s attention with beautiful, professional images that will cause your ideal audience to stop scrolling.
  • Share your story through your photos and let others know who you are so they feel comfortable doing business with you.
  • Find the best photographer for you, one that will capture you in your best light, so you get the most out of your photo shoot.

About Alyssa Jean Lewis

Alyssa Jean Lewis is a Lifestyle & Documentary Photographer with her studio in Rolla, Missouri. She specializes in shooting candid moments and makes it her goal to tell the story of her clients’ lives by capturing their authentic selves, enabling them to feel confident, professional, and beautiful.

Alyssa holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently training as a Life Coach at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

Her husband, James, owns the website development company, and the two of them work from home as they parent their darling son, George.

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