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Being where you are is tough when your personal vision is in the midst of turmoil. Can you relate? It’s easy to become disoriented, discouraged, and paralyzed. But especially now, we need to be out and engaged. Both in conversations and productive work. With people and organizations facing turmoil. However, in order to be a sharpened tool, equipped with a strong grounding in who you are, you need a clear vision.

Be here:

  • Examine your personal vision (who you are, where you are, where the Lord might move you next) so you can bring your whole self to what you do.
  • Establish a fresh, personal vision for the coming season so you can move from the here and now into your promised future.
  • Envision having peace with where you are so you can find purpose and live out a vision that inspires others.

About Sackeena Gordon-Jones, PhD, MCC

Sackeena Gordon-Jones is an executive and leadership coach, speaker, trainer and organization development consultant residing in Raleigh, NC. She works with leaders who want to realize their professional and personal potential, and achieve both success and happiness. She holds the credential of Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Sackeena especially enjoys working with women and leaders who are intentional about bringing their whole life into harmony, while achieving meaningful professional and personal goals. She specializes in transformational coaching and strategic planning. She has coached leaders in the government and the private sectors, throughout five continents.

A leader in the coaching field, Sackeena has served as two-time president of the ICF Raleigh Chapter, leading the chapter to winning the Internationally recognized ‘Breaking Barriers’ award. She is the current Chair of the NC Community Coaching Outreach, leading the chapter to winning the inaugural international ‘Gift of Coaching’ award. Sackeena is also a professional coach trainer, and serves as the director of the Business Coaching Certificate Program at NC State University.

In addition to her coaching experience and credentials, Sackeena has over 20 years of relevant executive level business, leadership and board experience in private, public and non-profit sectors. She has worked with organizations and teams to deliver leadership and talent development focused on creating a sustainable culture of engagement, through leadership agility, emotional intelligence, coaching and communication skills. She has completed advanced studies in leadership, strategy, change management, human development and behavior, theology, neuroscience of coaching, organization development, and Philosophy.

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