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We’re opening the mailbox and once, again answering your most-asked questions. If you struggle to schedule your weekly calendar, if people unsubscribe from your newsletter as soon as you send it out, if you’re a counselor who’s considering adding coaching to your service options: tune in. We’ve got the answers you need to take action and blaze a career forward!

How to:

  • Make the transition from counseling to coaching or add coaching to counseling services, as you take careful consideration to make a clear demarcation between therapy and coaching.
  • Avoid the dreaded unsubscribe click as you work through a decision grid that will help you know if your newsletter subscribers are deeply served and highly engaged or what tweaks you may want to make to maintain your list.
  • Ask for testimonials in a way that lets prospects know what others have experienced in working with you, so people can get to know, like, trust and hire you.
  • Schedule your weekly calendar to maximize your coaching hours, whether you’re a full-time or part-time coach, so you can plant seeds today that bring a harvest for the future.

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