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If serving more people and making more income sounds good to you, then Group Coaching might be a great option. You already have the skills and tools you need, so if you are ready for some exponential growth, listen in.

Glean practical how-tos that will help you:

  • Integrate what you already know about coaching into group work so you can dramatically multiply the impact of your coaching services.
  • Co-create a shared learning environment so your group sessions are as powerful as your one-on-one sessions.
  • Implement structures that will ensure a successful transition from 1:1 to 1:Many Coaching, so you can confidently facilitate group coaching.
  • Overcome the fear of your group setbacks, without shaming or naming, so you can acknowledge people and redirect the coaching process.
  • Streamline your marketing efforts by inviting clients to voice their next yes and take the guesswork out of joining a coaching group!

About Jordan Mercedes

Jordan Mercedes, ACC, teaches Ethics and Group Coaching for PCCI and has a private practice helping leaders and organizations understand coaching and how to integrate coaching skills into their culture.

If you ask Jordan why she’s a coach she would say: “That’s easy, to help people and organizations Shine.”

She led her first group coaching retreat in 2004 and has served her clients with a combination of group and individual coach ever since. Many organizations want to learn more about coaching and how it can positively impact their teams, Jordan works as a collaborative coaching partner to help them get there.

Learn more about Jordan and get your download of “Ten Books that Will Make You A Better Coach” at

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