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In this episode take the mystery out of social media!

At times navigating the world of social media feels a bit like being invited to your new boss’s dinner party without knowing what to wear, how much to eat, or if you were supposed to bring a gift. Yet, with over 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook and millions of others on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, social media is a valuable tool to integrate into your business.

Today we are going to give you the information you need to make the most of social media.

  • Uncover why social media is important for coaches and 3 Specific Benefits it can bring you so you can grow your business
  • Learn about basic safety and privacy practices so you can overcome common fears and maintain control of the information you send out into the virtual world
  • Receive 7 Steps to Beginner’s Success and begin delivering value to your current and prospective clients today

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