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Brent O’Bannon, the world’s first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, shares his experience and expertise about strengths-based development and how this coaching strategy can help maximize your professional potential.

Turn weaknesses into strengths as you focus on:

  • Switching from diagnostic, closed-ended questions to exploratory, curious questions that bring out the best in your clients.
  • Empowering your clients to get clear on how to set goals and manage progress while you manage the process of coaching
  • Navigating the ins and outs of setting up a successful, manageable, enjoyable business model.
  • Building your coaching business as you remember your calling and step forth in your purpose.

About Brent O’Bannon

Brent O’Bannon is a PCC and the first GALLUP-Certified Strengths Coach in the world.

He coaches and leads entrepreneurial leaders, sales teams, coaches and multi-million dollar companies to maximize, mobilize, and monetize their human capital strengths.

Brent teaches the PCCI Strengths Based Coaching course and is a recent Amazon #1 best-selling author of Selling Strengths: A Little Book for Executive and Life Coaches About Using Your Strengths to Get Paying Clients.

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