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If you struggle in launching or growing your coaching business, you’ll want to listen in as Georgia Shaffer relays highlights from her book Coaching the Coach: Life Coaching Stories and Tips for Transforming Lives.

The information surpasses the traditional marketing, business strategies, and coaching education advice you already know. Today’s podcast gets to the depths of a coach’s heart and uncovers:

  • The struggles of coaching from a place of honesty and transparency so you can empty your emotional trash and take care of yourself and your business
  • The mindset barriers, mistakes, and consequences other coaches have faced and how their learning can transform your mind and your practice
  • The importance of facing internal insecurities so you can handle challenging clients and move forward.

And so much more: This is the podcast you won’t want to miss!

About Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer, CPLC, MCLC is a credentialed life coach and the author of several books including Coaching the Coach: Life Coaching Stories and Tips for Transforming Lives and Taking Out Your Emotional Trash. She specializes in coaching beginning and established coaches as well as coaching women and communicators. To find out more, visit

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