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Inspiring yet full of practical tips and techniques for coaches, you don’t want to miss a single word as Chris and Kim walk you through this professional-grade, Master-full coaching session with Susan Whitcomb.

In this episode, you’ll observe how to:

  • Learn to use key-worded reflections to help your clients build momentum.
  • Explore limiting beliefs, which help a client shift from fight/flight/freeze mode into peace/perseverance/possibilities mode.
  • Implement courageous coaching, not through revelatory language but with reflective listening.

About Susan Whitcomb:

Susan Whitcomb is the Founder and president of The Academies, which specializes in brain friendly coach training for corporate and executive coaching. She is the author of 7 books and has developed an extensive coach-training curriculum approved by the International Coach Federation. Susan has a gift for taking complex neuroscience principles and making them understandable and applicable to every-day coaching. She has studied personally with thought leaders from the Academy of Brain-Based Leadership and the Applied Neuroscience Institute, where she became the only Licensed NeuroPositive Coach from that organization to also be awarded the Master Level designation. She is on a mission to equip coaches to “Change Minds For Good!”

If you would like to connect with Susan Whitcomb and learn more about the training she offers, visit

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