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Inside-out change always ripples out to impact our attitudes, our actions, our relationships, and our results. This is the transformation today’s guest, Linda Slaton, experienced when she went through coach training. Now through her book Embracing Purpose, Linda is taking that learning to churches, to prisons, and to the world.

In this episode, you’ll hear how:

  • Outside-in changes lend short-term support, while inside-out transformation is guaranteed to last.
  • Good communication involves as much unlearning as it does learning.
  • The coach-approach to leadership empowers people more profoundly than sound advice.

About Linda Slaton

Mother of four, stepmother of two and grandmother of eight, Linda lives in Little Rock with her husband Dave. Having served as Missional Engagement Pastor for seven years at Fellowship Bible Church, Linda now devotes full time to her God-given purpose–empowering others to find, love and live their purpose based on their unique design.

“Nothing thrills my heart more than to see the people of God come alive as they do the work He’s called them to do. It’s the path to an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus and to the abundant life He came to give,” she says.

As a retreat and conference speaker and a certified life coach, Linda delights in spreading the message of Embracing Purpose to audiences everywhere.
Embracing Purpose is the fruit borne of a long journey that Linda took with God. What started as restlessness and confusion soon became a quest for answers and then, having found them, a deep desire to help other women find theirs. After wrestling with God and learning more about herself than she ever thought she could, God put it in her heart to create a study that would serve as a guide for other women embarking on the same journey. Today, Embracing Purpose has found its way into churches and small groups all across the country. The Spanish version of an early edition of the material (Woman on a Mission) titled Mujer con una Mision is being widely used in Honduras and El Salvador, and soon, in Guatemala. Its reach is ever-increasing as women everywhere start to live the abundant life they long to experience by using their gifts to bless others.

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