Stages of Leadership Development Model— Part 1

As a Christian leadership coach, I’m always looking for resources to increase by knowledge and broaden my understanding of leadership development so that I might better serve my clients. While many helpful resources exist, I find myself returning repeatedly to one, The Making of a Leader: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development by [...]

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Barnabus–The Penultimate Leader Developer

I believe that Jesus is the Ultimate Leader Developer.  He chose ordinary, uneducated men (according to Acts 4:13) and they turned the world upside down because “they had been with Jesus." I love what Gunter Krallman says, “On the basis of such ‘with-ness’ Jesus generated a dynamic process of life-transference which was meant to foster [...]

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3 Core Leadership Determinants

Everyone seems to be talking about leadership development – and that includes you and me. There seems to be no end to the knowledge and the skills to be learned. Do a search for "leadership" and you will find: 490,000,000 results in Google (all in .26 seconds) 130,457 books on Amazon 26,840 Groups focused on [...]

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Where to from Here? Breaking through the Leadership Plateau

Have you noticed that a few leaders continue to grow and flourish while most seem to stall at some point along the way? All leaders have a capacity for influence, and God is constantly developing that capacity within the leader. However, most leaders reach a point in their ministry and personal growth where their development [...]

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5 Levels of Leadership: Increasing Impact and Influence

Leadership is influence. Period. The question is not whether you are a leader, but what sort of leader you will be. Leadership in its fullest form is not a one-dimensional approach, but an ever expanding and deepening way of being. We’ll begin to break this down further so that we understand the various spheres or [...]

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Coaches, Here's Why Leaders Need You

When you hear the word “leader,” what comes to mind?  Depending on context, you may think of someone who is always on the front lines pushing forward into new ground in the business world. Perhaps you think of your parent, a mentor, or a spiritual leader. Leaders are an interesting group. Driven and motivated, they [...]

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