I’m the world’s worst salesperson. Really. I couldn’t sell mittens to a freezing Eskimo.
So, for me to try to sell coaching to people who still think that all coaches have whistles hanging around their necks, the game is over before it begins.
You know. You’ve been there.
First, we have to hunt down a qualified prospect and get them to stand still long enough to hear our entire 30-second commercial. Then, we have to wrestle the very real but barely definable benefits of coaching into words the prospect understands.
Finally, if we get that far, we stammer out the monthly “investment” they will need to make and … no wonder selling coaching is hard!
Worse than hard, it’s ineffective as well.
What is a sales-challenged Christian coach to do?

Get Clients to Look For You

Imagine what would happen if you could turn this whole process upside down so that your potential client was the one begging (or at least asking) to have time with you.
Let me explain.
Think back to your last major purchase, where did you go to do your research?
If you are like 94 percent of the population, you looked online. In today’s world when people want to solve problems or learn more, they seek answers on the Internet
The key to never selling again is to position yourself online so that when potential clients are looking for help they find you.
How can you make that happen?

What NOT to Do

Let’s start with what NOT to do.
Don’t assume people know they need a coach. They don’t. Less than 1 in 10,000 people get on the Internet on any given day to look for a coach.
Instead, they want to address an immediate need. They search to find a solution to their problem using keywords: “better marriage,” “need a job,” “weight loss,” “stress,” “life balance,” and more.
A wise coach positions himself online so prospects find him.

What to Do

When you create helpful online content and optimize it for online searches, people will come to you.
We call this “content marketing”— intentionally wooing clients to your website by providing relevant, valuable information through online articles, blogs, tools, videos, and more.
Every time you post new content, your website or blog has the potential to rank well in the search engines, increase your credibility, tell your story, meet your visitor’s immediate needs, build a relationship, and whet their appetite for more of what only you can offer.
While devouring your rich content, sprinkled with information and examples of how coaching can take them deeper still, your online visitors will learn a lot and begin to see the value that one-on-one coaching provides.
Some will find the answers they need in your articles and go on their merry way. But others, your ideal clients, will want even more of what you have to offer. They will reach out to you to see if you are willing to work with them.
Isn’t it time to stop selling and start helping?
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