Before you rolled out of bed this morning, marketers were already hawking their wares. “Buy me.” “Try me.” “Eat me, drink me, give me a spin.” Five thousand times over the next twenty-four hours they’ll call your name.
And five thousand times you’ll cringe. Resist. Tune them out and turn away.

The Irresistible Power of Giving

Now imagine in that sea of greedy voices one person stops to give you a timely morsel of information that helps you put one foot in front of the other for one more day.
You stop, look, and for the first time that day, you really see.
Your heart warms. You notice their name. You wonder what they do.
You look forward to seeing them again.
They must be a friend.
Notice the contrast…
Selling leads to resisting. Giving leads to receiving.
That is the power of Generosity Marketing.

Generosity Marketing

What is Generosity Marketing? It’s sharing niche-specific information and inspiration that satisfies one of your target market’s needs and makes them hungry for more.
Don’t panic. Generosity Marketing isn’t about giving coaching away. That decreases the client’s buy-in and puts your business at risk.
Generosity Marketing is about sharing your words, your wit, your wisdom, and your message with the people God has called you to serve.
What makes it powerful?
1. It’s Natural for You
Selling coaching is hard.
It’s pushy. Awkward. Self-promotional. Uncomfortable. It makes coaching all about you and not about them.
That’s uncoachlike.
It’s unChristian.
God wired our new nature to give to others with no thought of return promising that as we do He will take care of us.
It’s what we were naturally re-born to do.
2. It’s Smart for Your Business.
As a photography dabbler, I love shooting pictures of Florida’s colorful birds.
In the past, I never had enough time to indulge my hobby. A single photo shoot involved packing up my gear, driving to the closest nature preserve and spending the day hunting for birds while they hid from me.
Then, I tried a new approach. I bought several bird feeders, filled them with seeds, sat back, and waited for the birds to come to me.
Several lonely weeks passed before the first bird came. And it was weeks after that before he invited a friend. But soon the snowball effect began.
News of fast, free, and delicious bird food went viral, and before long, all of Florida’s birds were flocking to my yard.
I also used to look for clients in their natural habitat. I searched for them while they hid from me. Occasionally I would snag a client or two, but the process never got faster, and I needed to do other things.
Then I started creating and giving away free content. It took awhile for people to find me. But slowly the word spread. People are served. They’re happy. Excited. And best of all, they tell their friends.
Now I don’t have to hunt for potential clients, they come to me.
That’s smart business.
3. It’s Transformational for Them
When we take the time and effort to share the message God has given us, we ignite a fire in our prospect’s lives. Week after week, by blog, through video, over Facebook and more we feed a hunger for change that turns observers into participants, participants into an audience and an audience into clients.
Through skillful coaching and the Spirit of God, their lives burst into a roaring flame that consumes lesser things, transforms hearts, and ripples out to impact the world.
Because of you, lives are changed.
Generosity Marketing leverages our time, wisdom, gifts, and knowledge allowing us to touch thousands of lives and build an amazing business as well.
It doesn’t get any better than that.
How do you use generosity marketing to build your business?

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