Recently I earned my coach accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is recognized as the leading global organization for coaching. ICF estimates that worldwide there are 53,000 coaches who coach as a profession. With that many coaches (and more every day) let me ask you a question: If you could have a coach, would you get one?
Two big obstacles that keep people from coaching are the cost of coaching and the lack of access to coaches. People are saying, “I can’t find a coach that I can afford.” But this is all about to change with Munyay’s Global Coach Marketplace, which will make professional coaching affordable and accessible to anyone who wants it.
So if cost and access were no longer obstacles, would you get a coach if you could have one? Once you put those barriers aside, there’s another big obstacle—belief. People don’t think they deserve coaching. But let me tell you, you do. I’m a coach, but I also have a coach.
Here are 50 reasons why you deserve coaching.

  1. To make the most of the life you have
  2. To have someone dedicated to your growth
  3. To stretch your strengths as far as they can go
  4. To break out of limiting mindsets
  5. To understand yourself better
  6. To utilize the opportunities in your challenges
  7. To plan meaningful growth
  8. To create a plan for accountability
  9. To be asked powerful questions
  10. To question assumptions
  11. To maximize your potential
  12. To inspire you
  13. To help you listen to yourself
  14. To be heard without bias or agenda
  15. To set goals
  16. To discover your calling
  17. To enhance your relationships
  18. To become the person you want to be
  19. To weather difficult transitions
  20. To conquer obstacles
  21. To identify passions
  22. To get you unstuck
  23. To give permission to dream
  24. To slow down and ponder
  25. To track your progress
  26. To trust a safe person
  27. To envision the future
  28. To provoke creativity
  29. To enlist others to support you
  30. To remove waste
  31. To gain courage in making changes
  32. To discover what’s missing
  33. To feel your feelings without apology
  34. To celebrate successes
  35. To debrief failures
  36. To spend time on you
  37. To clarify what’s expected of you
  38. To increase your quality of life
  39. To improve your decision-making
  40. To connect with another human being
  41. To explore your beliefs
  42. To devise action steps
  43. To embrace your worth
  44. To make your best contributions to the world
  45. To be curious about where you’re headed
  46. To unplug from your distractions
  47. To obtain new perspectives
  48. To rethink priorities
  49. To build momentum
  50. To love your life and love your work

As you can see, there are lots of reasons you deserve a coach. You’re a fascinating person with fascinating contributions to make. You’re worth it and your work is worth it. Which reasons are speaking to you?
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