The Blessed Trinity is one of the great mysteries of our Christian faith. It is one of the more difficult doctrines to understand. That somehow God’s math is 1+1+1 = 1. That somehow three persons can share one essence. That somehow one God can be consubstantial in three persons. If you take some time to think about the immensity and complexity of the doctrine, it certainly is one of the most amazing tenets of our faith. So what does the Trinity reveal to us Christian coaches?
It reveals our need for community. The Trinity at its most fundamental level reveals that there is community within the very being of God. God is love in His essence and thus God as Father loves in a way that is infinitely expressed, infinitely accepted, and infinitely returned in God as Son and God as the Holy Spirit. As we are made in God’s image, we also bear this need for community and love. We are social beings linked organically to others in order to express, accept, and return love.
Augustine said that “community is a number of persons united by agreement about the things they love.” Coaches who love their Christian faith and who love coaching should join a community. It is written into the fabric of our beings. I have found great value in joining the community of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. They have many avenues for creating community including classes, peer coaching, Facebook groups, conference calls, and Family Retreats, amongst others.
Consider this your personal invitation to join our community of Christian coaches who are all dedicated to the highest ideals of our faith and our vocation. We all grow by being united in the things that we love. Come join our community or if you are already a member then dedicate yourself to getting more involved.
To learn more about the Professional Christian Coaching Institute please visit our website at or join the conversation in our private Facebook group at

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